Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twitter TrueThai

I love it! True Thai has been on Twitter less than two weeks and already we have 56 63 80 92 "followers."

At Twitter it's not just about followers, but about messages and your messages about us have meant a lot to me. From this tweet about our being open on Sundays to others tweeting about their "perfect" Mothers Day at True Thai, you're the greatest customers ever!

I see that some of you have posted pictures of your True Thai experience on Flickr as well! Email us and we'll be glad to link to your pictures (we've found quite a few of them already, but we'd prefer to have your permission before using them on our site). Who knows? Maybe we'll buy the rights to your True Thai picture!?

Sorry, no True Thai on MySpace or Facebook yet. (Do you think we should?)