Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Queen of all Curries

I have friends who rely on the Internet for all their information, but they tell me it is very hard to find anything about how sweet green Thai curry came to be known as the Queen of all Curries. I found this very hard to believe but when I did a Google search True Thai came up near the top! I also learned there are many Sri Lankan and Indian women who claim to be the Queen of Curries.

I think the Internet has much to learn about Thai cooking. Wikipedia has a section on Thai curries, but their page on sweet green curry doesn't mention that it is the Queen of all Curries. But if you ask a Thai which curry is known as the Queen of all Curries, they will say sweet green curry (แกงเขียวหวาน), of course!

At True Thai we always include Thai eggplant as that is an important ingredient. Thai eggplant were very hard to find in Minnesota when True Thai opened, but now you can find Thai eggplant in most Asian grocery stores. Other curry ingredients like kaffir lime leaves may be harder to find or difficult to buy in the right quantities, and that is why we started selling our curry stock in pint and quart-sized containers. Just add your own vegetables and protein and we'll provide the flavor!

I did find one other authentic Thai restaurant that acknowledges the special status of sweet green curry in Thai cuisine. If I am ever in the United Kingdom, I will be sure to visit Lanthai restaurant to sample their Queen of all Curries.

Because Thai green curry is the best green curry no matter where you eat it!

[photo credit: Dick Sonnen!]