Friday, January 29, 2010

Eggs: not just for breakfast anymore

Anna with a plate of Thai Eggs

When I had our kitchen staff come up with an egg dish to put on the menu, everyone told me that Minnesotans would not eat eggs except for breakfast. Wow, were those people ever wrong! Even our vendors have commented on how many eggs we've been going through.

True Thai's Thai Eggs aren't quite like anything I've had in Thailand. There are many Thai egg dishes, many of which use eggs that do not come from chickens. I think maybe our most famous recipe would be the infamous Son-in-Law Eggs (Khai Look Koie). They are very round, and there is a reason for that.
“The mother-in-law will cook these for her son-in-law if she thinks he is being unkind to her daughter − it will remind him that his family jewels could well end up fried on a plate if he doesn’t clean up his act,” laughs Cecilia Brooks Brown, author of “World Vegetarian Classics” (Pavilion, $24.95). “But the dish sure is a treat to eat!”
I suppose I could put these eggs on our menu as well, but I'm not sure the story that goes with the eggs is appropriate for mealtime reading.

The story of True Thai's Thai Eggs is that you should do what you think is right, even when people disagree with you.