Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thai food just keeps getting better

From the China Post:

The Thai capital is building a reputation for the quality of its local and international cuisine, and the food alone is luring well heeled gourmets, mostly from Asia's burgeoning economies.

"Almost every cuisine is available here. I think the scene is very metropolitan and international, it has become a dining destination in Asia," says Cheryl Tseng, author of the bar and restaurant guide "Chic Bangkok".

Optimistic hoteliers and restaurateurs are hoping that Bangkok will soon rival Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo as the culinary capital of Asia.

"Bangkok has started knocking the world's culinary cities and telling them, look at us," says Deepak Ohri, managing director of Lebua Hotels, who thinks Bangkok will rival Singapore and Tokyo in just five years.

I can't wait for my next trip home so I can try some of these new restaurants!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A "blast from the past"

Whew — things have been very busy at True Thai since Dara named us City Pages Best of the Cities Best Thai Restaurant. Taking a break the other day, a friend pulled up what she called "a blast from the past" from the St. Paul Public School System's Cleveland Middle School newsletter.

St. Paul Public Schools are still serving True Thai's Sweet and Sour Chicken to their students. Oddly enough, when those students come to eat at True Thai with their families, they usually order the Sweet and Sour Chicken!