Monday, January 18, 2010

True Buffet!

Each day from 11 until 2 True Thai serves a lunch buffet. Did you know that you can pick buffet items for your group?

If you are planning to bring a group to True Thai for lunch on a weekday, email me two days in advance with your buffet preferences and we'll do our best. No, you can't pick out the entire buffet, but with your input we'll try to serve as many of your preferred dishes as possible.

True Thai has always focused on quality, not quantity in our lunch buffet. Less than a dozen items, but each one given the same careful preparation as an a la carte menu item.

My suggestion? If your group is daring, ask us to prepare some off-menu items. If your group is not so daring, pick a couple of dishes you know they'll like and we'll do our best. And if you'd like something really spicy, we'll make sure to make a dish or two that will meet your needs.

True Thai is Thai the way you like it.