Monday, October 5, 2009

Fitness trainers' True Thai favorites

I cannot tell you that if you eat True Thai's Southern Thai Bean-Thread Vermicelli Salad (#25) you will lose weight, be stronger or fitter. But I can tell you that it is our most popular dish with the fitness trainers over at Los Campeones Gym. Full of quick energy carbs and lean protein, this "salad" is served at room temperature and can be served with as few or as many Thai chili peppers as you like.

At $8.50, it is also an inexpensive and healthy meal that can help you lose weight while building muscle. If you are a vegetarian, you can substitute tofu or mock duck for the usual pork and shrimp. Another dish popular with the Los Campeones folks is our Tofu Laab (#26).

Both dishes are great for get-togethers. More and more often I have people ask me about vegetarian dishes not because they are vegetarians but because their friends are. When you have a party and vegetarians are coming over, you can either label everything or just go meatless. In Thailand our vegetarians are very good at telling dishes apart but in America it seems wise to use labels or tent cards.

If you would like True Thai to help you plan a party, email me your contact information and I would be glad to help.