Friday, August 14, 2009

New Queen of All Curries!

How do you like the new Queen of All Curries photo? Sonali at Rich Photos has taken some wonderful photos of me in the most beautiful costumes. This dress is from the Tang Dynasty and it was even more gorgeous in person than it is in this photo.

If you know your Asian history, you know that the Tang Dynasty was the most famous of all Chinese dynasties and lasted almost three hundred years. During that time the Chinese invented gunpowder and printing but they did not invent curry so maybe it is a little silly that I am using this for my new Queen of All Curries picture but this dress is so fabulous that I cannot resist.

If you are a faithful reader of Anna's True Thai News, you may remember that I wrote about the Queen of all Curries last May, but if you are new to this blog you may not know that I am speaking about Green Curry. How good is True Thai Green Curry? It's one of our most popular dishes. Some of our customers find it so addictive they order nothing else.

Does it make sense to wear a Chinese dress while talking about Thai curry? Why not? This is America and these things happen. And here in Minnesota you can do things you would not or could not do in Thailand. You could eat at every restaurant in Thailand from Phuket to Chiang Mai and you would not find anyone who serves Wok-fried Green Chilis & Fresh Sweet Basil with Walleye. (#38 on our menu).

Monday, August 10, 2009

True Thai tongue-twisters

Most people who understand the restaurant business know that it is not an easy way to make a living, but I don't think they appreciate how much harder it is to run True Thai than it is your average restaurant.

At True Thai our staff have conspired to have very confusing names. Over the years our employees have been named Na, Nok and Nuk; Pupe, Paul, Por, Ped, Phet, Phut and Pum; Leanne, Annaliese, Anna and Annie; Vanna and Vanny; Manuel, Mel, Mim, Map, Muk, Myamon, Mayu, Maya and Maria; Anousone, Sone, Sonh, Saw and Somo; Tien, Tun, Tui, Toi, Goi and Joy!

Try to repeat that payroll list three times quickly!

As True Thai continues to grow, I'm sure we'll hire some more employees with names that rhyme (Yada, Golf and Third all need to get rhymed), but sadly I doubt we will find any rhymes or alliterations (สัมผัสอักษร) for Szavio, Chaniga, Boutsady, Souksavanh, Rungravee, or Pollop!