Monday, August 10, 2009

True Thai tongue-twisters

Most people who understand the restaurant business know that it is not an easy way to make a living, but I don't think they appreciate how much harder it is to run True Thai than it is your average restaurant.

At True Thai our staff have conspired to have very confusing names. Over the years our employees have been named Na, Nok and Nuk; Pupe, Paul, Por, Ped, Phet, Phut and Pum; Leanne, Annaliese, Anna and Annie; Vanna and Vanny; Manuel, Mel, Mim, Map, Muk, Myamon, Mayu, Maya and Maria; Anousone, Sone, Sonh, Saw and Somo; Tien, Tun, Tui, Toi, Goi and Joy!

Try to repeat that payroll list three times quickly!

As True Thai continues to grow, I'm sure we'll hire some more employees with names that rhyme (Yada, Golf and Third all need to get rhymed), but sadly I doubt we will find any rhymes or alliterations (สัมผัสอักษร) for Szavio, Chaniga, Boutsady, Souksavanh, Rungravee, or Pollop!