Saturday, August 4, 2012


For a little while now we have been doing deliveries in the Seward neighborhood. We did not know if deliveries would be popular (they are!).

The minimum order is $25 but we'll bring it straight to your doorstep for lunch, dinner or any time we're open. This is proving to be very popular with some customers and our staff, all of whom want to make the deliveries — but we'll see how enthusiastic they are when winter comes!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


True Thai turns ten this fall, but we're just newcomers to the Seward neighborhood. This Saturday the Seward Co-op will celebrate its 40th anniversary! Wow, that's a lot of organic fruit and vegetables.

Lots of fun this Saturday from Fiddles on Fire to The Bunny Clogs as well as The Brass Messengers,  with Malamanya and Willie Murphy thrown in for good measure. There may even be a few hippies there if you have small children who'd like to see one close up!

As well as food, arts, radio stations, bicycles and all the other usual Seward stuff.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do this in remembrance of me

In the days before the sentencing hearing, I heard that Amy Senser had tattooed Anousone's name on her wrist. The rumor was true. You could only see a little bit of it during the hearing, but afterwards her attorney, Eric Nelson, acknowledged that she had gotten the tattoo to help her remember Anousone always. I do not think Mrs. Senser realizes how appropriate that was.

In Thai, Anousone means remembrance or souvenir. It means the same in Lao, but for Lao people there is a very heavy spiritual significance attached to the word anousone. Not souvenir like a postcard, but souvenir like when a veteran points to a scar and calls it his souvenir from the war. The picture of Marines at Iwo Jima would be an example of something Lao people would call anousone.

Anousone is not a traditional Lao name. It was popular during the war years, however, because there was so much to remember. So many lives were lost, so many families lost fathers, sons and brothers that it seemed natural to many to name their baby Anousone, or remembrance.

I should also probably mention that Anousone liked his name so much that he had the letter A tattooed on his left forearm.


I wrote that a while ago, but did not post it because it was clear that most of you felt that the sentencing put closure on this case. But for those of you who are law or law enforcement students, I wanted to share with you this posting for a free training that you can earn POST or CLE credits for.
Free training August 2nd: Navigating Through the Challenges of CVH/CVO Cases
MAC and MADD are hosting a free training on August 2, 2012 from 12:30-4:00 (registration begins at 12:00) in St. Paul at the Hiway Federal Credit
Union – Administration Building, 840 Westminster Street.  
The speakers include Deborah Russell, the Assistant Hennepin County Attorney who prosecuted Amy Senser; Sgt. Dan Beasley, Minnesota State Patrol; and Kelly Nicholson, Victim Witness Supervisor, Dakota County Attorney’s Office.  POST and CLE
credits have been applied for.  Please register by July 30th at:

I do not think you have to be a law or law enforcement student to attend.