Friday, July 13, 2007

More about Chef Noi

Already regular buffet customers are expressing interest in Chef Noi and the new buffet dishes. Back in Thailand, Chef Noi owned her own restaurant in Aytthaya, the ancient Thai capitol. While Aytthaya is in the central part of Thailand and not far from Bangkok, rural cuisine is much more popular there. Noi's restaurant was very busy and it was hard for her to leave it to come to America with her family.

Before coming to work at True Thai, Noi was head chef for a popular Thai restaurant in Las Vegas.

Food can help bring up old memories, and since Noi joined us there has been much more talk about Thailand, our families and happy memories. We hope Chef Noi's new dishes help create many happy memories for all our guests and your families and friends.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New chef brings talents to daily buffet

We are very excited by the addition of a new cook to our kitchen staff. Chef Noi will be in charge of adding new dishes to our lunchtime buffet menu. Chef Noi specializes in rural cuisine and time-honored recipes, some dating back well over one hundred years. While True Thai has always prided itself in serving only authentic Thai food, Chef Noi is teaching all of us a few new tricks to put even more Thai into True Thai.

Buffet fans will be well advised to pick carefully as some of the new dishes will be very hot. Chef Noi cooks for the Asian palate and does not compromise when a recipe calls for fiery hot spices. But not all of Chef Noi's dishes are hot, and even our patrons with thoroughly Minnesotan taste buds will enjoy her Sour Soup or Royal Son-in-Law Eggs. Other new dishes include Jungle Curry (no coconut milk), Beef Ball Soup, and others to be introduced.

Traditionally lunchtime buffets are geared for American tastes, but over the past few years we've noticed that the more authentic dishes always disappear first even as we remain puzzled by the popularity of the cream cheese wontons. And we have been impressed by the growing demand for spicier items.

We will continue to provide a balance of dishes in the buffet as we do in our menu so the whole family can enjoy dining at True Thai whether you come for the fried rice in pineapple boats or Chef Anousone's "Thai hot" la'ab. And yes, we still serve cream cheese wontons.