Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank you for your votes

Just got word that True Thai is the Reader's Choice winner for Best Thai Restaurant in the upcoming Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine's annual Best Restaurants issue. True Thai has the best and most loyal customers of any restaurant in town, and I am again grateful to all of you for your votes and support.

Last year was very difficult for us. Losing Anousone "Ped" Phanthavong was a terrible blow to our kitchen but our loyalty to our employees was rewarded when some of the top Asian cooks in the Twin Cities applied for Ped's job. The new cooks picked up on our recipes immediately (I think Ped's spirit was whispering to them) and brought with them some tasty new dishes that have already made it to our menu.

So, on behalf of Ped, our new cooks and all the True Thai family, thank you for your votes and your continued support of True Thai Restaurant.