Friday, April 25, 2008

City Pages' Best Thai Restaurant


Wow! Two years in a row? Thank you so much to City Pages for awarding us Best Thai Restaurant again, and thank you to their readers for voting us Best Takeout!

I'm not sure which of their new food critics to thank, but we certainly enjoyed reading this:

[C]ombining a warm but unpretentious dining environment with unapologetically engaging presentations of old favorites like pad thai ($9.95 with chicken, beef, or pork) and more offbeat selections such as the jerky-like Bangkok crispy sweet beef ($6.95), served with impeccably made sticky rice. A dish like pineapple curry ($9.95 with chicken, beef, or pork) sounds straightforward enough on the menu. But it seems to defy physics on the palate; despite its deep blend of spices and coconut milk base, it's refreshingly light, a soulfully elegant trip to Thailand in a bowl. True Thai? Most definitely, and damn good, to boot.

We have worked hard to improve every aspect of True Thai since last year, focusing on new, more authentic dishes, higher quality buffet items, more attentive service, a deeper appreciation for our regular customers, and a big, welcoming smile for newcomers.

The lines have been a little longer since City Pages' annual Best of issue came out on Wednesday, but the expansion work is continuing and we should be moving into our new, larger space by summer.

Thank you again to all of our customers who voted for us, and thank you to all of our new customers for giving us a try.