Friday, August 7, 2009

Mom! Mom! There's a crocodile in our living room!

This is a fake crocodile from this guy's website, but it's a good illustration of what happened to me when I was seven years old and I woke up one morning to discover a fully grown crocodile in our living room!

It was a morning like any other morning during rainy season. Koon Tong woke me up (Anna Anna Wake Up Anna!) and I went downstairs, half asleep, to have breakfast. Except I found the ground floor of our house was full of water!

During the night a dam in northern Chanthaburi had burst and half the province was flooded. Our house had never been flooded before and I could not figure out why there was a foot of water everywhere. I was standing in the water looking around when I looked down and I saw next to my feet a tail. A big tail. A big tail attached to a big crocodile.

I retreated back up the stairs and yelled, "Mom! Mom! There's a crocodile in our living room!" My mom came down and we stood there on the stairs watching the crocodile in our living room. He eventually left but then we heard on the radio that the Chamsom Crocodile Farm and Zoo had been hit by the floodwaters and that there were hundreds of crocodiles loose in Chanthaburi.

For three days we lived like prisoners in the upper part of our house, eating dried beef (#16) while we waited for the flood waters to recede. While we waited, we listened to the radio for news that the crocodile infestation was under control.

It was almost Christmas so I will save the rest of this story for December, but seeing that picture on Flickr reminded me of the time Little Anna met a crocodile.