Saturday, May 16, 2009


There are important things you need to know about Thai noodles. Most important? They're delicious! Whether you have silverthread noodles ( beanthread vermicelli) in a salad or entrée, Pad Thai style noodles, or flat "fun" noodles with your Rad Na or Pad See Yew, all Thai noodles are made from rice flour and contain no wheat!

Silverthread noodles

rice stick (uncooked Pad Thai noodles)

Pad See Yew

This does not mean that people who are avoiding gluten can just order a Thai noodle dish and be OK. Many noodle dishes contain soy sauce (for coloring). If you have a gluten allergy, please be sure to tell your wait person so the cooks will know to leave the soy sauce out. (Likewise our Sweet & Sour entrée contains gluten, but it can easily be kept out if you remember to tell your server.)

As with Italian wheat noodles, the size and shape and texture of rice noodles determines which dishes use which kinds of noodles. One of my friends likes Pad See Yew but when asked why she says it's really for the gailan (Chinese broccoli) and not the flat fun noodles. Another friend loves Pad Thai, but admits to liking the crushed peanuts and fresh lime. Noodles are there to deliver other tastes to your palate and as with every kind of Thai food we work very hard to infuse each dish with as much flavor as possible.