Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prikki nu season is upon us!

Wow — very busy now with True Thai open seven days a week and it's prikki nu planting season! After consulting with the Farmers Almanac, Thai growing charts, lunar cycles and the fact that my last French manicure is starting wearing off...I've started the work of planting 200 Thai prikki nu plants that I started at home earlier this spring.

What's a prikki nu? I don't think I should give you the literal translation (it's kind of rude) but the bottom line is that prikki nu are the tiny Thai peppers that point up to heaven as they grow hotter and hotter, even when grown in Minnesota.

The peppers we buy from our vendors can be quite hot but for the hottest peppers you need to grow your own. (Click this link if you're curious about hot peppers and the Scoville Heat Index.) When I came to America, Thai peppers were rated #3 on the Scoville scale but thanks to the hard work of plant geneticists around the world there are now many kinds of super-hot peppers. I've eaten habañeros and some of the other new super peppers but there is a point at which I think the heat overwhelms the taste of the food. For me, Thai prikki nu are just right. I have no interest in trying the Texpur Chili as it is reputed to being like having your tongue pepper sprayed!

If you're a real Minnesotan, Thai prikki nu may a bit hot for you. I encourage you to experiment with your orders, working your way up to the level of heat you find best. VERY IMPORTANT TIP: If your dish is too spicy for you, just send it back to the kitchen. It only takes a minute for us to make it less spicy.

First harvest will be in six weeks. Hot food lovers take note.