Friday, May 15, 2009

This and that (& take out!)

Most of the time when people call to order take out, the first thing they ask is "how long will it take." True Thai now has six cooks who do only take out orders and who can have your take out ready in as little as ten minutes (we'll let you know if your order may take longer).

If you don't call in the wait is more pleasant now that we don't have lines of people waiting to be seated (thanks to our recent expansion).

When I wrote about buying True Thai curry stock recently, I forgot to mention that we can also sell you our Sukiyaki sauce in pint and quart containers.

The price is the same as for curry, $3.95 and $6.95.

We can set up a buffet for your party room gathering if you have at least 20 guests, and you're welcome to bring in your own music if you like.

Best of all, there's still no charge for reserving the party room!

One last thing. Long time customers sometimes ask me how we keep our prices so low. True Thai has been able to hold the line on prices despite higher food costs because of you, our customers. Each day you're here for lunch and every night you come in with family and friends to enjoy your favorite Thai food.

The biggest expense for a restaurant is when there are no customers. Food gets thrown out, wait staff still have to be paid, and the rent and utilities still have to be paid. It's like you show up for work and instead of making money you lose money instead.

But because you our customers keep coming in every day and evening True Thai is a more efficient restaurant. We keep our waste down and as a result we can keep our prices at 2004 levels.

In business this is called good synergy. For people dining out it's called a good deal!