Monday, May 11, 2009

Our best Sunday ever!

True, yesterday was also the first Sunday we've ever been open, but thanks to all of you it was a success! A friend who dropped by shortly after 1 p.m. was amazed at how many customers were in the restaurant.

"There are plenty of parking spaces in back and on the street" he exclaimed.

"Well," I replied, "True Thai has a lot of friends who live within walking distance."

And it's true: the people of Seward are our biggest fans and supporters. Maybe that's why we've developed so many traditions at True Thai over the years. Did you know:
True Thai customers get free ice cream on their birthday?
You can bring in a birthday cake and we'll serve it to your party at no extra charge?

You can bring in your own sauces or oils for us to use in fixing your meal?

That you can bring in your own music if you're using the party room?
At True Thai it's all about the food and you, our customers.