Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, National Potato Day

I.don't.think.most people realize that the potato was unknown to most of the world until the Spanish conquistadors brought them back to Europe from Peru. Almost immediately chefs from around the world began to develop recipes featuring potatoes.

The British celebrated their National Potato Day last February 3. Peru celebrated their most famous vegetable on May 30. The Irish celebrate taters every March, but South Dakotans celebrate National Potato Day in August while Coloradans spud out in September. Williams, Minnesota, has been celebrating the lowly tuber every October since 1953. To their credit, spud loving Minnesotans in Williams have their own Potato Parade, complete with contests for best potato sculpture and spud decorating.

The potatoes shown above are not from Williams but as you can see potatoes have great potential for art. You might want to warm up your pumpkin carving skills by working on a potato!

Thai cooks mostly use potatoes in curry dishes. At True Thai Restaurant our Magnificent Masaman Curry combines potatoes with peanuts to create a heavenly comfort food.

But our most popular potato dish is one we invented ourselves: Thai Potatoes, Country Style:

Potatoes sliced thin and then wok-fried until they are crispy. Yum!