Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween vs Loi Krathong

Getting ready for trick or treaters!

If the Zagat Twin Cities' Top Ten rating was our treat, I'm a little worried about what tricks may be coming Anna's way! But no tricks for you at True Thai this week: just the usual great tasting treats.

There is no Halloween in Thailand. If you are in Thailand or will be there on Saturday, many cities will be celebrating Loi Krathong with a festival. [In Thai, วันลอยกระทง, also spelled Loy Krathong in English.] It usually comes in early November but it is early this year because the twelfth lunar month came early in 2009.

I will write more about Loi Krathong this Sunday but right now I'm busy figuring out what to give trick or treaters. (I'm thinking persimmons.)

Better for you than candy, and just as sweet.