Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something to perk you up

The other day I confessed that I do not drink beer or wine, even though True Thai serves very good beer and wine. Today I am writing about Thai iced tea and coffee, which I do drink.


When I started working out at Los Campeones, my trainer Carla told me that I needed to start drinking tea and coffee to "speed up my metabolism." Caffeine certainly does that.

Before I started drinking tea and coffee I wrote about 30 blog posts over two years time. Since I started drinking tea and coffee about ten months ago, I have uploaded another 70 posts! I think I better understand now why tea and coffee are so popular.

Thai iced coffee and iced tea aren't really Thai. Many people think of them as Vietnamese, but they aren't really Vietnamese creations either.

They are French, a legacy of their colonial years in Southeast Asia. The French are gone but you can still find French style coffee and iced tea throughout Southeast Asia. And croissants!

Most people enjoy our Thai iced tea and coffee after a meal because it is very sweet. (More proof it is French and not Thai!)