Monday, September 14, 2009

My favorite fruit

Asian pears, like Anna, aren't very big but do not be fooled by their size — they are one of the best fruits ever!

There are two kinds of Asian pears. Japanese or Korean pears are big and round and they are OK, but the pear I am holding in this picture is a ya pear, or Chinese white pear. They are soooo delicious!

Eat them like you would an apple. They are often quite green when you buy them, but still flavorful. Let them ripen and they get even better but watch out for mold as they go bad very quickly once you see spots on them.

We did not grow pears on our farm so ya pears are as exotic for me as they are for you. Their name in Chinese means "duck pear" because the Chinese think they look like ducks. The important thing is they do not taste like ducks.

Sadly, ya pears are almost out of season now, but the good news is that I've seen pomegranates at the warehouse. Still too early for them, but even unripened pomegranates are very good for you if you can get past the very sour taste. If you wait until early December, then they should be good to buy.