Monday, August 17, 2009

We can do it!

Some time ago I wrote about True Thai and frugal dining. As a public health nurse working with lower income clients, I appreciate that times are very hard for some, and not easy for hardly anyone. Increasingly, eating out is a luxury and not just a treat.

But True Thai keeps doing good business. Why? I think you already know why. True Thai is very affordable. Yet our costs are the same as those of other Thai restaurants, and in some cases even higher because of our insistence on authentic ingredients. So how does True Thai stay in business?

We stay in business because of you, our customers. Because of your loyalty we don't have to spend money on marketing or advertising. Instead of running ads in City Pages, I post to this blog. Instead of 4-color ads in glossy magazines, I tweet. Instead of trying to sell you an extra beer or upgrade you from a glass to a bottle of wine, we encourage you to economize so you can visit us more often.

Whether you knew it or not, you're part of the True Thai family, and being part of a family means you have privileges. You can order your food the way you like it, not the way some restaurant critic insisted was correct. We don't have any ketchup on hand, but if you bring in your own, we won't stop you from using it.

True Thai is your restaurant and my refuge. When I go to True Thai each night, it's like going home to Thailand. As a Thai American, I thank you for sharing my dream of introducing Minnesota to quality Thai food. And, as a public health nurse, I thank you for making the decision to eat healthy food prepared in the Thai style.

Together we can beat this recession!