Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frugal dining

We're reprinting the takeout menus so they have our new hours on them.
Sunday - Thursday, 11am - 10pm

Friday - Saturday, 11am - 11pm
But we did violate one time-
honored restaurant custom: we did not raise our prices. Our costs have gone up but thanks to our faithful customers we've stayed busy and volume is letting us keep our prices low. True Thai appetizers range from $3.75 for Vegetable Fried Egg Rolls to $8.50 for the Golden Wheel of Shrimp and Ham Delight. Soups start at $3.95 and are mostly under $10 except for our seafood-rich Potak Combination Seafood Soup.

Salads are from $5.50 for the tofu-lettuce Yala Muslim Salad to $12.95 for our signature Crispy Catfish Salad with Fresh Green Mango. Curries are in the $8.95-11.95 range, with Stuffed Squid with Panang Curry our most expensive menu item at $15.95. Wok items are priced much like our curries with some exceptions for pricier seafood. Noodle and fried rice dishes are $8.95 to $10.95.

There are cheaper "Thai" restaurants in town, but we think our prices are the most reasonable of all the fine dining Thai establishments. We are committed to holding the line on higher prices because we'd rather have a full house and modest profits over high prices and empty tables.

True Thai also understands that even our modest prices can be a little steep for some people in these tough times. Don't be shy about splitting an entrée if you're not big eaters, and recognize that the best values are always the vegetarian options. You can also buy our curry and sukiyaki stocks to fix at home.

And if you're still doing OK, think about your friends who are having tough times and maybe treat them to a meal at True Thai now and then. Gifts you get to share are the best kind.