Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's popular

We did some catering over the weekend and despite my concern a friend had us serve our Thai omelette to her gathering. I was not sure how well this dish would travel but she told me it was everyone's favorite dish. Minnesotans sure do love their eggs!

The Thai fortune cookies continue to be very popular, but we are still putting "traditional" Chinese style fortune cookies in our takeout orders. You can always ask for the Chinese kind with your check if you prefer. Chinese fortune cookies turned 90 years old this year, and you can read more about them at Wikipedia.

Rainbow carrots, the red and yellow carrots from California, are back. This means more colorful entrées and one more weapon in the war to get kids to eat their vegetables.

We are re-ordering the tiny candies by the cash register every month now. Even our employees can't resist these powerfully flavorful candies so no, it isn't just you.

This blog is more popular. More and more of you are reading it. Many of you tell me so when you come in, but I can also tell when I talk about a dish and we sell twice as much of it that night. I promise to use this awesome power only for good!

What's not popular? Our second week of being open on Sundays was a little bit slow thanks to the beautiful spring weather, but many of you came in later in the day and turned a slow day into a decent night. We are publicizing our new hours as best we can but word of mouth has always been True Thai's best friend so remind your friends we'll be open this Sunday but closed for Memorial Day on Monday.

I shouldn't admit this but when I look out the window and see a full parking lot at Perkins, I feel bad. For the same money those people could have had True Thai!