Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Thai loves new grads!

So very many groups coming to True Thai for a dinner celebration lately! Parties of up to 30 grads, friends and family but thanks to the new expansion we have met this challenge, even when we haven't gotten a call in advance (always appreciated). I'm glad to say that our wait staff and kitchen crew have stepped up and helped make each celebration a success!

When I graduated from Berea College I didn't have a big party but I remember how much the support of my friends meant to me. If you thought I looked young in that picture of me with my first car, take a look at me standing next to my friend Sue!

Sue taught me how to type, something I've tried to avoid doing ever since. You can see another graduation picture of me at my Flickr account in the personal photos set.

We don't take pictures of our customers but we do notice that you seem to take a lot of pictures of each other. Feel free to email me if you'd like to share a picture from your special celebration at True Thai. I will post all of them to Flickr and maybe even some to this blog!

Later I will post a picture of me at my very first job. I hope that's a part of the graduation process that all our celebrating guests will get to enjoy as well despite these "interesting" times we are living in.

As for life after graduation, first you gain weight, then you gain your fortune, then you pay someone to help you lose weight! And, if you're lucky, the people you pay to help watch your fortune won't help you to lose it as well. More on these topics in subsequent posts but now more than ever it is clear to me that June is graduation month in Minnesota!