Friday, June 22, 2012

List lust

The Star Tribune's is preparing their annual List of Lists issue, and readers get to vote for their favorite places. I think maybe you are beginning to guess where you come in. readers have been voting all along, but not many have been voting for Best Thai Restaurant.

See what I mean? And if you vote, you could win two tickets to Lollapalooza in Chicago, but don't worry — they can't make you go. And you have the option of picking a $750 gift card from a bike shop instead.

Each time you vote, you get entered in their contest. They have many, many lists to vote for from Where To Find Soup (I know! I know!) to Kitschiest Bars. (Kitschiest?) You can skip the categories for burgers, bakery, Best Irish Pub or Best Italian because I do not think we can win in those categories. Yes, they are rigged to discriminate against Thai food!

Also, while I suspect True Thai may be kitschy, we are not a bar so I do not think we can win in that category. Classical music lovers will be disappointed to learn that there is no Franz Liszt list, but there is a list for Best Local Blogs (hint, hint). There are many, many categories you can vote for, but it is difficult even for me to come up with good reasons why True Thai should be the Most Entertaining Metro Transit Bus Route, or your Favorite Yoga Center. And despite my having blogged about Muay Thai Boxing, Best Sports Blog might be a stretch, although I am partial to Canis Hoopus (they linked to us once).

You be the judge. True Thai is clearly the best, but the best what?