Wednesday, May 9, 2012

True confession

Many people have asked me why I was not in the courtroom when the verdict was read. Partly it was because I had used up a lot of vacation attending the trial, but mostly it was because I was afraid to hear the verdict. I did not trust the jury to do the right thing.

I think many of us found this trial to be emotionally exhausting. First Deborah Russell spent a week proving the prosecution's case. We saw pictures of Ped's dead body, we listened to horrified 911 callers, we heard testimony from experts about how much of Ped's body would have been visible to the driver of the vehicle. Imagine seeing pictures of your loved one's dead body and I think you will better understand why I was not up for being in court that day. Then spend a day listening to the person who killed your friend lie about what happened.

Amy Senser will be in the news some more, but until she's willing to tell us what really happened that night, I am not sure I care to hear what she has to say. I appreciate the jurors getting the verdict right. This has been said many times but it needs to be said again: Amy Senser is not going to prison for killing Ped. Amy Senser is going to prison for killing Ped and then driving off and not telling anyone.

I would like to hear Amy Senser explain why she did that. Why she hit Ped, then drove around in her damaged car calling everyone but 911. Tell me that, then we can talk about forgiveness. But don't tell me any more lies written by lawyers. I have heard enough of those.