Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Testimony and tears

After the prosecution played the first 911 call from a nurse who worked at Riverside Hospital, they played the second 911 call. The woman was crying because she had never seen a dead body before. The force of the collision did not tear Ped's pants down to his knees as reported earlier. They were around his ankles.

The woman that called in that information to 911 was crying on the stand as she listened to herself cry on the 911 tape. Ped's family and I were all crying too.

Today's testimony was very hard to listen to, but this trial will not get any easier for Ped's family or me. This is much, much harder than I thought it would be. In the picture, all the clothing Ped was wearing except his socks and underwear were gifts I had given him.

Ped was wearing a white t-shirt with a map of Laos with a red dot showing where he was born. I gave him that t-shirt years ago. Actually, I gave him two Lao map t-shirts, but the other one was yellow and he never wore it.

Ped always wore jeans, but he had been with friends earlier that night and he was wearing some khaki pants I had bought him. What made me cry out loud was seeing his shoes. .

When Sadé's manager paid for the food Ped made for the singer and her band, the manager gave me a $200 tip and told me to buy some new shoes. Well, I split the tip with the cooks but I also bought Ped a new pair of tennis shoes for $89, size 8 1/2. I never saw him wear those shoes but when they showed the picture of his body laying on that exit ramp, one was next to his body and the other one by his car, forty feet away.

Too many tears today.