Thursday, April 19, 2012

Born under a bomb sign

I have been thinking about Ped a lot lately. Jury selection starts Monday and it seems like all the local media are getting ready to publish something about that "Roseville man."

I've told you that Ped was True Thai's nickname for Anousone, but his family called him Pec because when he was born a bomb exploded nearby. The plane that dropped the bomb had "The Inspector" written on its side, and from that his family started calling him Pec, short for inspector.

I don't know what it sounds like when a Mercedes SUV hits you while going 50 mph, but I suspect it makes a loud noise, too.

Amy Senser was also charged with a third count of vehicular manslaughter after her defense team finally turned over her cell phone records and it was discovered that she was talking on her cell phone at the exact moment she struck Ped.

I do not think it's unrelated that today Minnesota law enforcement cracked down on "distracted driving." Police do not like people talking on their phones while they are driving, especially on our highways. I must admit that I use my cell phone while driving, but never while driving at high speeds. I also have not run into anyone while driving, and do not drink while driving. I wish more people could say as much.