Saturday, December 10, 2011

The best Christmas gift I ever received

Someone asked me recently what was the best Christmas gift I had ever received. I knew the answer immediately. The best gift I ever got was not so much a thing as a service, but not a one-time service. I had just started working out and instead of a present, Ped promised me he would cook all of my evening meals in 2009, even on his days off. I don't know how good your math is, but for me 2009 was the year I got 365 presents.

This may not sound like a big deal to you. After all, Ped was already working in our kitchen so most days he was already at the restaurant when I showed up, but this was in fact a very big deal. Ped was happy that I was working out and trying to lose weight, so each meal he cooked was carefully selected to be healthy, delicious and OK with my diet. On his days off, Ped would come in to cook just that one meal for me.

It was such a great gift that Ped gave it to me again for Christmas in 2009, and then again in 2010. It was not just the best gift anyone ever gave me: it was the three best gifts I've ever gotten.