Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cholesterol on a stick

It happens to all of us, but it still comes as a surprise when we look in the mirror one morning and realize, "hey — I'm getting old!" For me that moment came when I began to write this post about the Minnesota State Fair and suddenly realized that this year will mark my twentieth visit to the Midway.

I know I should have used an exclamation point but believe me, this year I am not that excited. Deep-fried butter on a stick? Lard only knows what's next. The Star Tribune says that the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery is delivering 60 tons of cheese curds to the Fair this year for deep frying. Compared to butter on a stick, are deep-fried cheese curds the new tofu?

Here is a list of this year's new state fair foods on a stick:
  • Chocolate-covered jalapenos
  • The Breakfast Lollipop (sausage dipped in corn muffin batter with a side of maple syrup
  • Northwoods salad (mozzarella, basil and grape tomatoes drizzled with salad dressing)
  • Pizza kabobs
  • Pretzel dogs
  • White Razzie Puppies (white chocolate wrapped in Belgian waffles with caramel bacon topping)
  • Teriyaki chicken

The truth is I was thinking of making up something ridiculous to add to that list, but I could not think of anything more bizarre than what they're already serving. I did try to find a picture of white razzie puppies, but instead of food, Google gave me pictures of little dogs, Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek. (Sometimes I think Google is weird on purpose.)

As a restauranteur, I feel obliged to try some of these local delicacies, but as public health nurse I think I should picket the Fair and hand out fresh apples and oranges to people as they go in. I do not think I would find many takers. State Fair goers know what they want, and that they want it on a stick. Maybe one of these years we'll get a Glaxo booth where they can sell deep-fried statins on a stick!

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In closing, I swiped this chart of some Asian-style food on a stick from "MissionControl":

Yes, I know. These are all way too healthy for the Minnesota State Fair. (sigh)

See you on the Midway!