Friday, January 15, 2010

Seward Market reopens

The Seward Market reopened Thursday. I walked over about eight to do some shopping and to show some support. There were seven guys behind the cash register. I was the only customer. It was very sad. I even cried a little.

I know that it is not easy being in a new country and trying to make a living. But I know it is good to have a community to support you. I don't think there were seven guys working at that market last night. I think there was one guy working at the market, and six friends showing their support.

There are many ways of showing your support. The jar by our cash register is stuffed with donations. Or you can do like Bob Olson did. He was a long time Seward neighborhood resident who recently passed away at the age of 82. He left his money to his neighbors, the City of Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota's libraries.

When you invest in your time and money into your community, everyone benefits. Right now the families of the three shooting victims need our help.

Seward Market Memorial Fund
c/o Seward Redesign
2619 E Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis MN 55406

Thank you for whatever you can do.