Thursday, November 26, 2009

A True Thai Thanksgiving

This is a traditional Hmong costume worn for Tsa Hauv Toj, or Hmong New Year's, but it is also good for Thanksgiving because Hmong New Year's always comes in November or December. This year it is being celebrated at the Saint Paul River Centre from November 27th through the 29th (this Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

I have been giving some thought to the American custom of giving thanks on Thanksgiving. Usually I do not think about it until suddenly — without warning — someone at the table says, "this year I'd like to give thanks for..." and then it is my turn but I'm not sure what to say!

So this year I have thought a lot about it and I have decided that I am most grateful to Carla, my personal trainer, for making me healthier and giving me the energy to work 105 hours a week. But I am also grateful to all of True Thai's customers. You are the reason I work so many hours. If you were not so wonderful I wouldn't want to spend so much time at True Thai.

I am also grateful for:

True Thai's cooks for fixing tasty, healthy meals

Mickey my cat who is also my therapist because he listens to me

All our customers who voted for us in the Zagat poll

All of our customers who did not vote for us

All of my blog readers

My family

My friends

America, my adopted homeland

And I am always grateful to Thailand, the country of my birth.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. True Thai will be open as usual tomorrow, Friday the 27th. Stop by if you'd like to eat some food that does not have turkey in it, or just to say hi!