Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Metro Magazine likes our chilis & basil!

Chef Anna here to let you know that Twin Cities Metro Magazine has reviewed True Thai's #38, Wok-fried Green Chilis & Fresh Sweet Basil!

I like what Jamie Thomas has to say about our entrées and our commitment to hot and spicy food.
"Thai hot" is mouth-scorching, but even so, owner Anna Fieser says many of her regulars have gotten used to this level of spice thanks to regular exposure to her fare. Begin your quest to become one of the seasoned pros by ordering the Wok-friend Green Chili and Basil dish, which contains jalapenos and Thai chilis.
That almost makes up for Twin Cities Metro Magazine's Chris Clayton and Mecca Bos-Williams telling the world that True Thai has the Twin Cities' "Stinkiest Salad."

I do not think our laab is stinky! Even if they did mean that "in a good way."

But Chef Anna knows that what smells like heaven to some can be pretty stinky to others. Our wok-fried chilis and basil is not a stinky dish, but it is very intense. Here is a close up:

This is the "hot" version of this entrée. You can tell because we used red jalapeños instead of green ones. If red jalapeños are not hot enough for you, we can always make yours "Thai hot" and use green or red Thai chili peppers.