Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anna's first book review

This is so exciting! I just received my very first "reviewer's" copy of a book. It's written by one of the Twin Cities' best known food critics, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl. Dara has written a new book on wine called, Drink This: Wine Made Simple.

You may know that I do not drink wine but I still found this book to be fascinating. Dara not only tells you "the nuts and bolts of drinking, buying, and tasting wine," but she also has a chapter on each of the best kinds of wine and how to save money on wine.

But my favorite chapter is the one called, Restaurant Confidential. It begins with a long reader letter to Dara that ends with:
Oh, and while I got you on the line: What's the best wine to order at my favorite Thai place, the cheap one by the park?
Well, the wines Dara mentions are not ones we serve, but I asked Jason, our wine guy, and he said ours are quite similar. So maybe Dara was or was not writing about us. I do know that True Thai is not in the index, but that Trader Joe's is. But I doubt very much that Dara mailed a copy of her book to Trader Joe's with an inscription like this one:

I do not drink wine so I cannot judge Dara's book, but I do know green curry and if she knows as much about wine as she does green curry, I think this is a very good book indeed.

Chef Anna gives it 4 stars and recommends you give it as a gift to your wine loving friends.