Sunday, October 18, 2009

True Thai

A new award for True Thai Restaurant! This one's still at the frameshop but you will be impressed to note that it has been signed by the Thai Minister of Industry and the President of Thailand's National Food Institute.

Thailand takes great pride in the quality of their cuisine. Our food is the #1 reason why we are the most popular tourist destination in Asia. I cannot imagine the government of Australia inspecting Outback Steakhouses to make sure they are true to Aussie cuisine!

The National Food Institute focuses on authenticity, and recognizes "foreign" restaurants that use authentic Thai products and ingredients. Thailand is famous for much more than just our restaurants. Thailand is the only country in Asia that is a net food exporter.

Authenticity is very important to Thai cuisine, and the Thai government recognizes that bad "Thai" restaurants damage Thailand's reputation. This is our second award from the Royal Thai government. I am proud to be from a country that takes its food very, very seriously.

More proof that True Thai Restaurant is the place to go for true Thai food!