Thursday, October 1, 2009

Setting the mood

The art of flower arranging is to accent the space you're in. If you are sitting at a table in a restaurant, a small vase and a flower or two can help set the mood, but a bigger display gets in the way of both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Maybe you have noticed this, but it often seems that True Thai's happiest customers are the ones who do the least talking and the most looking, as in looking at each other.

I discourage wait staff from gossiping about customers, but I do not object to hearing comments like, "oooh, table eleven is sooo in love!" Restaurants are all about romance because with romance comes the reservation for "the table in the corner by the window." And sometimes maybe some catering for weddings and receptions, not to mention big tables for groups celebrating special anniversaries and birthdays.

The top picture shows some of the smaller flower vases I've been using at the restaurant. You should know that not everything at True Thai is Thai. I bought these vases at the State Fair because they were just the right size for our booths and smaller tables. The larger arrangments are for larger tables and window ledges.

Because I did not run a picture in the last post, I will run two pictures today so you can see a close up of these Minnesota-made vases (click on the picture to see a larger image):

I think they look better with flowers in them. I bought lots of them so yes, if you like the flower vase on your table and it's one of our State Fair vases, we'll be glad to sell it to you.