Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Omigosh, True Thai Restaurant now has over 500 followers on Twitter!

We started our Twitter page on May 1st, and Ann-Marie Wagener was our very first follower. John B from Florida was #500.

Almost two months ago the Geek Girls Guide wrote about how True Thai does social media right. That must be true if they say so, but I must admit that I do not understand "social media" as well as they think. For example, I do not understand why people who've never been to Minnesota would want to follow True Thai Restaurant. Or why so few people go to Flickr to look at our pictures. Posing for new pictures for Anna's True Thai News is my favorite part of blogging!

I think I am beginning to understand blogging a little better. I now know that blogging about Thai food and posting pictures of Anna gets me about 40 readers a day, but if I mention squid, I will get 300 readers a day! Expect to read many, many stories about little Anna fighting off giant cephalopods on the beaches of Chanthaburi!

OK, maybe little Anna never fought with a giant squid on the beach, but big Anna has fought with other shoppers to get the biggest, best squid on a stick in the market place!

Squid are very popular in Thailand. I bet American children never get to play on a slide that looks like this!

We also have many different kinds of squid toys,

and squid fashion!

Hmm, that last picture makes me wonder if it would not be best to combine fashion with a squid toy.

I think there is more than one way to catch a link from a professor of squid!

Just teasing. Thank you Dr. Myers for your link. If you ever visit True Thai we will make a special squid dish just for you. Or you can order off the menu. We have over 20 items that can come with squid. Sorry, no squid eggs — you can't buy them in Minnesota for some reason I do not entirely understand, but I am working on it!