Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A secret most Americans don't know

I cannot believe this. I've had three customers come in over the past two weeks to tell me about this "incredible" YouTube video that taught them the proper way to peel a banana.

Believe me, I already know how to peel a banana. In fact, in Thailand, before I moved to this country, I attended an orientation class and one of the things they warned us about was that "Americans do not know how to peel bananas." I was told it was impolite to correct Americans and so I have never told anyone here the right way to peel a banana. Except once, and that was a mistake.

I taught a friend and his family how to peel a banana, but when I told them the rest of the orientation story they got mad. The orientation teacher told us, yeah, in Thailand even monkeys know how to peel a banana but the Americans can't figure it out!

I think they forgave me but I didn't see them eat many bananas after that. If you would like to peel bananas the Thai way (the correct way — the way monkeys do it), watch this video.

You can thank me the next time you eat at True Thai. (The picture, by the way, shows a banana that's been peeled from the wrong end.)