Thursday, June 11, 2009


Fruit lovers should be sure to read Nancy Ngo's article in the Pioneer Press on superfruits.

When I was growing up we had 200 mangosteen trees and ten pomegranate trees in our fruit orchard in Thailand. We grew the mangosteens as a cash crop but kept the pomegranates for ourselves. Mangosteens paid for my plane ticket to the United States to go to college at Kentucky Business College. I am very fond of mangosteens.


Our farm had 400 acres but a third of the land was for rubber trees. On the rest of our farm we grew fruit and vegetables. In addition to mangosteens and pomegranates, we grew rambutan, durian, mangoes, papayas, and lychee fruit. I would consider all of these to be superfruits except maybe for the durian which the Japanese and Taiwanese would pay high prices for because they were considered to be super-aphrodesiacs!



More on the vegetables later. The durian will also get their own post because there is nothing else quite like durian!