Thursday, November 8, 2007

New award!

The actual certificate is being framed and isn't on display yet, but the Ministry of Commerce of the Thai Royal Government has awarded True Thai Restaurant their Thai Select Seal of Approval for Thai Cuisine. (Note: this link goes to an Australian website. The program is more developed there, and there isn't a USA site yet, although that's coming.]

Our thanks to Mr. Rachane Potjanasuntorn, Director General of the Dept. of Export Promotion. We are very proud of this award because it is awarded for more than just the authenticity of our food.

“Thai Select” certifies that the food, the hospitality and the atmosphere of the restaurant is authentic.

I am grateful that the Royal Thai Government has committed itself to letting Americans know which U.S.-Thai restaurants reflect true Thai culture and dining standards. In the U.S., it is very common to hear people come back from a vacation to Italy and then comment on how Italian food is nothing like American Italian food. The Royal Thai Government understands this, and by giving their seal of approval, they are trying to help ensure that Americans and other non-Thai patrons of "Thai" restaurants learn the difference between Thai style food, and authentic Thai dishes.

Our expansion continues, but because of all the delays in getting into the new space, we don't know yet when the new, larger True Thai Restaurant will open. All I know is that when it does, the food, hospitality and ambience will all reflect true Thai culture. I love my country of birth, and will always strive to make True Thai as authentic as possible.