Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eat Shop Twin Cities

Last May a charming young woman named Anna Blessing stopped by the restaurant and took some pictures. Now they're in a book she wrote called "Eat Shop Twin Cities."

In case the name isn't convincing enough already, this place truly is the real deal. The food is authentic, but on top of that, you feel like royalty being served fried rice in half a pineapple. Minneapolis is a great place to eat Thai food, and while everyone has a favorite local spot where they get their fix, you'll hear it from many that True Thai wins the top prize. You've heard the saying, the proof is in the pudding? Well, in this case it's the truth that is the pudding — the honestly supreme, sweet sticky rice with fresh mangoes — it's the perfect end to a Thai meal.

Blessing's book is part of the popular Eat Shop series from Cabazon Books, and the Twin Cities edition is a great gift item. Barnes & Noble has copies on display at all of their Minnesota locations.